UA Plumbers 78
  • Working together to get more Work
  • Build Work, Build Los Angeles
  • Strong Membership making a Difference
  • Work together with Los Angeles
  • Learn skills on the Job
  • Your Safety is our Goal
  • We Protect Jobs
  • Meetings make things happen.
  • Build amazing structures in Los Angeles.
  • Working with the community to build the city. We make sure your job counts.

  • Make your Mark with Plumbers Local 78

Welcome to the website of Local Union Plumbers 78 for the City of Los Angeles.

We are your local Union promoting business relations and build our trade industry and training and apprenticeship in our city we team with the city and state to provide a great working environment to grow our economy and make our city strong and safe.

Los Angeles is a special city filled with many special families and a bustling economy, we are growing and re-building constantly.  The safety concerns and the training that we address are top priority and we know that the job will get done right.  We are your source of for your concerns, documents and answers to your questions we are glad you are here we are serving Los Angeles and the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters that make this city flow strong.


Address: 1111 West James M. Wood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone 213 688-9090 Fax 213 627-4624