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A & J Training Center

Classes are always starting at the A & J Training Center, if you are interested in signing up for journeyman classes at the Training Center please visit AJ Training This will take you to the A & J Training website where you can go into Journeyman Training, and find a listing of the classed offered.

To enroll, fill out the class application and submit it to the training center, once they have enough students enrolled you will be notified by them.

TWIC Card Information

To get instructions on how to get your Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC Card) please visit TWIC.  The TWIC card will be required for certain security job clearances.

The card will cost you about $125.00, but if you present your card and receipt to the Local Union you will receive a reimbursement via a dues credit.  At which time we will also update your membership file.

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